Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Pilsbury Doughgirl

I’ve quickly become a doughy mess. I went to practice on Monday night (in my fake denim spandex pants) but only lasted half the practice due to some rapidly regenerating lung butter. As you may recall, I caught the cold from hell last week, and yes, I’m still getting over it – coughs producing mouthfuls of thick saliva and me having to skate over to an exit to spit it out. I felt like I was in high school again.

In all seriousness, however, I’m motherfucking sore today – two days later. My abs are killing me. I guess jogging only does so much for your core, and I can now tell that my core has gotten soft in the past month or so.

In between sprint laps we were doing squats and bicycles (crunches). I’m fine with squats – my thighs are solid, like rock. My abs, not so much. In addition to doing bicycles with my skates with aluminum plates on, twice Joy collision had me doing something a bit harder. V-sitting (with skates on) while she grabbed my feet, moving them all different directions through erratic movements to perpetually knock me off balance. The goal? Don’t let your back touch the ground. Oof!

The pain feels good. It makes me want to work harder and build my core strength back up.

I did do awesome in sprints again Monday night. I was telling Amazing Disgrace at Eastern Regionals that I think all the running I did while my shoulders were injured somehow made me much faster than I ever was. That, and I’m constantly reminded of the tiny circle drill where you practice your form. It’s amazing how much less you have to “work” when you skate with good form – long, full leg extensions with both legs. When I had gained enough speed, I was only ever crossing over 6 times all the way around the track (and I was crossing over all the time, because that’s what you have to do when you sprint).

This newfound speed has me excited. If only I could keep it up constantly, I could possibly jam. Problem is, I’m horrible at avoiding people. I’ve been a blocker for 4 years – I used to wanting to run into them, not avoiding them. I think maybe I’ll ask Lady Quebeaum what strategies she employs as a jammer, because I’ve honestly never really thought about what those strategies might be!

It's amazing how much a person and her body can change. Each time I morph, I feel the excitement of possibly playing a new position. Last season it was pivoting (however short-lasted that was), and maybe this season it's trying to jam. Have I mentioned lately how much I love roller derby?

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