Monday, December 15, 2008

Working Hard for The Money

All I can say is this: it is now 5:41pm, I have worked nearly 2 hours over today, with no lunch and meetings literally back-to-back from 10am up to 5 five minutes ago.

I have been registering the urge to go to the bathroom since 9:30am, but I haven't gone yet. That's right, I haven't gone all day long (even with drinking a lot of water and coffee).

Holy, crap, I need some "me" time. Hopefully I'll be inspired to write once I get home, because I have a lot to say but only work people to say it to!

$5 to anyone who can find a creative way to get me out of all-day meetings again tomorrow. Bomb threats don't count. Or do they...



1 comment:

PENALTYna said...

quick... go to my flickr page & copy & paste "Doggie Style"... that should not only inspire u but also put a smile on ur face!!
when work sucks... play the Maryland Lottery!! ;)