Wednesday, February 11, 2009

I Love My Car

Since I really and truly have nothing interesting to say about anything today but am actually getting a lunch break, I’ve decided I’d tell you how much I love my new car. Now, I know it’s wrong to love an object this much, but it’s one of the few joys in my overworked life right now, and sadly enough I’m still excited to wake up each morning and drive it.

I didn’t plan on getting a new car until the summer, but it was fate that brought us together. Leading up to the purchase, my horoscope had been telling me that I’d fall in love with someone, which confused me because I thought I already was – myself. Okay, maybe two people… Then, the day I came home with my white Scion XB, my horoscope had said I’d get what I so strongly desired. Weird.

This is only the third car I’ve ever owned in my life, and I’ve been driving since I was the ripe old age of 16. Three cars in 14 years: a Jetta, a Tercel, and an XB. I loved my Jetta. Don’t get me wrong, it was a mechanical piece of shit, but when it was running it was such a smooth and wonderful ride – it was glorious. Then, in college, I needed something I could rely on to take me 40 continuous miles on the highway. The Jetta was out and the Tercel was in. I never really loved the Tercel, and I actually didn’t like it all that often either, but it had one redeeming quality: it was reliable. The Tercel lasted me from 1997 until last month, but it wasn’t my dream car. It didn’t even have a CD player. The shocks were shot, and it was tiny, tiny, tiny. Great for gas mileage – totally practical, but practical is not always what a girl wants.

My XB reminds me of my Jetta – it’s a car I love to drive, and I feel like hot shit when I’m driving it. Some people say looks don’t matter, and I had almost convinced myself that was the case when I was with my Tercel, but now that I have the XB I’m fine with being a superficial cunt: looks matter.

I find myself parking further away and on higher-than-normal levels in parking garages, so I can find larger spaces or an end spot with extra room so I can park farther away from the car next to me. I never thought I’d be that person, but I am – I don’t want the color of your car door on the side of my car! I neurotically check my passengers’ side each time I return to my car to ensure nothing of the sort has happened.

I almost had a heart attack several weeks ago when I took the XB from Frederick to DC – I had a keg in the back, and I wound up stopping short for a dimwitted cabby. The keg hit my rear windshield with so much force that I heard the collision. I was sure the windshield was cracked, but thank god the car was fine (the beer was a little foamy, but we dealt). Good times, good times.



Anonymous said...

I love my MINI the same way. Before that I drove a Corolla. It was just a car. My MINI has a name, and I even wash her and stuff.

Anna said...

I really love being a passenger in your car!

Very Anonymous Mike said...

Last year, I went from a Geo Metro'ish Suzuki Swift that I drove for 16 years to a 07 Hyundai Santa Fe. I feel like I took a photo of my old car to the dealer and said, "Give me the opposite."

I feel like I have written this blog entry in my head over and over again since I bought my car.

P.S. You have a ways to go before you reach "cunt" status.

chrissy said...

same here....i always prided myself for not giving a shit about my beat ass corolla and saying how "unmaterialistic" i was...but the day i brought home my G6, life changed forever. and seeing as how i have been in your car, i can IS the bomb!

Leisa Dreps said...

I think the universe conspired to give you this car! It sounds like a match made in heaven! :D But I perfectly understand what you were saying. There are times when our cars become more than just a vehicle. I, too, love my car. This one is a gift from my parents. It’s kinda old, but it can still take long trips and extreme road conditions. I hope that your Scion will stay with you for a long time!

Tyra Shortino said...

I definitely agree with Lisa. You and your Scion XB are fated to be together! But I was a little scared about your little accident on the road! Good thing the car didn’t suffer a serious blow. It would be best to take some precaution when driving on the road. Car accidents can be fatal not only for your vehicle, but most especially to you. Drive safely!