Tuesday, March 17, 2009

The Final Insult

When I was younger I was no stranger to ridicule for being what I can only now describe as “not underweight”, as many of you long-time readers know. My mother’s own personal issues with the acceptance of her own body entered my life at an early age when she would tell me to “suck it in” when in a bathing suit at the beach or when prepping for pictures. Truth was, though, aside from my being not underweight, there wasn’t really much of anything else that the other kids could use to make fun of me. So it always boiled down to that: you’re fat.

After running late for work today to watch the Today Show piece on the girl fight between Meghan McCain, John McCain’s daughter, and Laura Ingraham, who can only be characterized within this exchange as the kiss-ass to the head conservative cheerleader (Ann Coulter), I couldn’t help but be pissed off for several reasons – namely that this game of “you’re fat” was played out in the media. For the love of all things fried and drizzled in chocolate, ladies, use your celebrity status for something other than perpetrating the “catty woman” stereotype that women like me don’t want to be associated with. I don’t know what’s more pathetic: that Laura Ingraham resorted to calling Meghan McCain the PC term for fat, “plus sized”, and Meghan McCain dignified Laura’s catty schoolgirl remarks with a comeback or that they decided to have this Jell-o fight in front of the media.

By calling Meghan McCain plus sized, Laura Ingraham comes off looking proud and spoiled and juvenile. By Meghan McCain answering Laura Ingraham with a comeback on The View, of all godforsaken places, McCain plays into the bait, appearing weak and like she actually needs to justify something that in my mind she does not, and putting herself on the defensive. I don’t care if the Tyra Banks rally cry, “Kiss my fat ass”, is something you identify with. By keeping the discussion going, you’re only drawing more attention to the problem (that this behavior is acceptable for grown women), inviting more people to participate in it, and quite frankly, playing into the dumbing down of the American public.

But isn’t calling someone plus sized empowering? It can be. If I say “I’m proud to be a plus-sized rollergirl who can still kick ass”, that’s empowering. If I run down a laundry list of why I don’t like you and then end with saying no one would ever even pay attention to you’re plus-sized self unless your dad wasn’t famous, that’s an insult. It’s the difference between using a douche and calling someone a douche. Okay, maybe not a perfect metaphor, but a funny one! Do you see what I’m saying? Why the fuck is it acceptable for someone to go there? To use the final insult? Yeah, well you’re fat (and yo momma is too).

Shit, Laura Ingraham’s head’s so fat, she get on the phone to talk to the radio station about Meghan McCain and she has to call AT&T to come by with a shoehorn to get her ass off!!! Really, it’s not far from the truth.

Ladies (and gentlemen), for the sake of plus-size fat people, women, and the intelligence of the American public, when you feel the arguments you’re using against someone are not working, pause a second before going there, because if you do go there, you’re making it okay for other people to go there, you’re widening the ridiculous divide between those who wear up to a size 14 and those who wear a 16 and up, and you’re making yourself look like the asshole you probably are. If you’re the person who’s been on the receiving end of the final insult, shut your mouth and make sure that IS the final insult. Go do something productive to prove that your weight doesn’t define you. Contrary to popular belief, the sweetest revenge doesn’t come in the form of food – it comes in the form of being a better person.

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