Friday, June 19, 2009

The Hamley Cup

More from me later, I promise. For now, please click here to vote for retired CCRG skater, Betty Beatdown's The Hamley Cup entry.

After derby, Beatdown has gotten really into hockey, and as many of us know, there's actually a lot of crossover between derby and hockey as far as strategy and blocking go. Anyhow, she entered a contest to replicate The Stanley Cup out of anything but foil. If you know Beatdown, you know her love of ham and bacon exceeds the desires of most "normal" people, so it's only fitting that she made a Stanley Cup out of ham and bacon. It's gorss, yes, but dear god is it amazing.

So, help this rollergirl win a prize for manipulating meat! GO HERE!

PS: 8 years ago Beatdown drank from the replica Stanley Cup. She was living in Toronto at the time, and the winning team just so happened to come celebrate in that bar, straight from the game.

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