Tuesday, March 9, 2010


Awoke from a dream I was looking for answers, when I suddenly found myself in the pit of an unearthed tree. Underneath the roots was a pile of trash - plastic cups, red and blue. Lifting myself up like I was exiting a pool without a ladder in the deep end, I crawled out. I was the only one who had noticed the roots were no longer stable. Worse yet, I was the only one who cared, and no one else was around. I skipped to another tree on the landscape and found my feet sinking in a semi-solid gelatinous purple-grey goo. I retreated and went the other way. This time the ground was covered in the same goo, but it was mostly solid - only a tiny slip. Still, the goo was there. I went on to search in the abyss for something. A tree with good roots? I don't remember finding it, but I do remember eventually finding other people. They were among the concrete highrises, chasing and being chased - those who broke the law were being pursued by others breaking the law to find them. I was sad and didn't want to be there, so I woke up. Weird.  

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