Friday, December 3, 2010

Waiting Room

This morning I lamented on Twitter about some frustrations I’m having regarding my job: “I'm in the position now where I'm stuck managing the urgent, but I also have an urgent desire to move forward w/other things and I can't”. And it was only after I posted that tweet that I realized the way I feel about my job mimics how I feel about the happenings in the rest of my life as well.

At work I’m stuck beta testing and managing the new release of an online application that has taken so long to develop and launch that my team and I are already over it, yet no matter how hard we try we simply can’t do anything to push this release out the door any quicker.

Outside of work, I’m anxious to get back to derby, and this morning I got a text from our All Star captain about some discounted personal trainings she’d scored. While I really could stand to lug my “bowl full of jelly” to these workouts, I can’t just jump right back into derby at this point in time either because I’m dealing with the emotional rollercoaster that is a terminally ill relative. On top of that, I’m stuck in the vortex of sadness that is the winter holidays. Three years ago at this time, I lost my mind and I didn’t know why. Last year at this time, I began to lose my mind and it was then brought to my attention that this may be a pattern. This year, I know full well what to expect, but in a way it doesn’t make it any easier. While I secretly long for the magic that was Christmas for me for so many years, I can’t help but feel apathetic and sad – like the best of times are behind me – because I’ve come to realize that this time of year will always symbolize wanting and loss, and I can’t ignore the reasons behind those feelings now that I know they are there.

As an aside: I’m having a real hard time with the holidays this year. Maybe it’s the incessant news coverage of “people spending money” and “good retail outlook”, or maybe I’ve just had another layer of the veil peel away, enabling me to see things as they truly are, but I hate that the holidays are about little more than fattening the wallets of retailers and buying people shit they don’t really want or need that will eventually fill landfills. Even the people who usually seem to have it right are talking out both sides of their mouth: Live life consciously and sustainably, but BUY ALL THIS CERTIFIED ORGANIC SHIT PACKAGED IN THE RECYCLED SMILES OF CHILDREN FROM 3RD WORLD COUNTRIES THAT WE’VE OBTAINED VIA FREE TRADE AGREEMENTS!!! If I had my druthers, I’d plan a holiday season filled with thoughtful, meaningful, and sustainable useful presents and actions, but since I seem to have misplaced my druthers, I’ll note this on my To Do list for Christmas 2011 and simply fly by the seat of my pants this year.

Back to being stuck in the urgent but urgently wanting to move on… There seem to be instances in life where by no fault of our own we’re condemned to some sort of personal purgatory, be it our jobs, our relationships, our family, or our something else entirely, and although it may be a hard pill to swallow in our faster, bigger, more society, sometimes there’s absolutely nothing we can do but ride out the wave of shit and try not to get splashed in the process. I get frustrated when I can’t make things happen, but I’ll be honest: I’m tired. I’m real fucking tired. I’ve been struggling against the inevitable, because it’s in my nature, but the more I struggle, the more shit splashes into my boat. I’m tired of being covered in shit, so until things run their natural course, all I can do is sit calmly and try not to freak out that I’m surrounded by shit.

Again, if I had my druthers, maybe while I’m sitting here floating up shit’s creek I could do something useful like meditate or exercise or work on myself in another productive way, but I’ve misplaced my druthers. If you see them, please send them my way. I miss them dearly. Joking aside, life is never all or nothing or black and white – in fact, it’s some of this, some of that, and a whole shitload of gray. When we’re in these personal purgatories, (in my mind, at least) there should be an understanding that shit happens and we should take it easy on ourselves until these things pass. If that means putting the other things you really want out of life on hold for a bit (and it usually does), fuck it. If there ever were a time to put things on hold, it’s now. I see other people around me blaming themselves for not being able to carry on like normal or do anything during these very difficult times, and it makes me sad because I see them making things worse for  themselves when they really were never to blame in the first place. 

I suppose I should take a bit of my own advice and just relax. As badly as I want to get to the next stage at work and at home I need to know although I can’t make it happen just now, when it can happen everything will be there waiting for me (including those in-addition-to-derby personal training sessions to get rid of my bowl full of jelly). Patience is a virtue. Maybe I’ll become a tad more virtuous this go around. Hey, a girl can dream J

Wednesday, December 1, 2010

The ONLY Bag You'll Ever Carry to Yoga

Several months ago I found myself annoyed to be carrying two to three bags with me to yoga class, of which one would inevitably get left behind or have me making a mad dash back in from the parking lot, so I decided to create a bag that would allow me to carry damn near all my accessories that I roll with on the regular AND a yoga mat. Peeps liked the prototype and asked if I'd be making them available for sale. After much thought, I decided to forge ahead with an initial production of two styles. Alas, here they are - available for the holidays and all  (see Etsy for the second pattern with birds)!

The bags are $75 each and can be purchased here on my Etsy site. If you're local to Baltimore, email or DM me, and we can work out delivery, so you don't have to pay shipping!

From Etsy (AtomicChiffon): 

This large, yet airy yoga mat bag allows you to carry everything you need in ONE BAG to yoga class! 

32" across and 7.5" deep, this bag holds one over-sized yoga mat (or two regular mats, doubled up) in the main compartment of its fully-lined interior. Additional features include:

- An interior pocket at the end of the bag that snugly holds all size water bottles 
- An extra-large 11" interior zippered pocket to hold valuables such as sunglasses, keys, cell phone, and "mom wallet"
- Main compartment secured by 4 ties in much-desired open-air design to combat sweat retention and stink
- Duo over-the-shoulder carrying straps made wide for comfort
- Exterior fabric designed by Cilla Ramnek
- Durable and machine-washable

Finally, the ONLY bag you will ever need to take with you to yoga! 

Care instructions:
Machine wash, hot 140°F (60°C).
Do not bleach.
Do not tumble dry.
Iron, high temperature.
Do not dryclean.
Shrinkage 4%.